What is this exactly?

The SummerQA Swift Package has a single public function:
SummerQA.start(apiKey: "YOUR_API_KEY")
When that function gets called, SummerQA taps into Apple's ReplayKit framework to start a rolling buffer.
When a "userDidTakeScreenshotNotification" is posted, the previous 15 seconds from the rolling buffer are turned into an .mp4 video file and SummerQA's view is presented. From there, the user can enter in a title and description for the video and upload to SummerQA.com.

What is supported?

iPhone and iPad apps. Apple TV, Mac and Android support is in the works.

What am I paying you for?

Video storage and this website's admin to view your videos with title, description and status.

What are the limitations?

The SummerQA Swift Package can be installed on apps that support iOS 13 and up, but it will only be available on iOS 15 and up.

The SummerQA Swift Package will be ignored on a simulator.

Once the recording buffer has started, rotating the device will not change the device's orientation. You can stop recording from SummerQA's view menu.

Can I invite others to see the videos uploaded to my apps?

Yes. You can create apps with a name and bundle ID. You put your app's API Key into your app.
Once subscribed, you'll be able to upload videos and invite others to see those videos.

What is your refund policy?

Subscriptions start with a free 7-day trial. If you do not stop renewals before then, you will be charged.
There are no refunds.