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Quickly save and share a video of the last 15 seconds in your iOS and iPadOS apps.

  • Record bugs
  • Give some context
  • Share with your team
  • QA + Devs

Who is this for?

Your QA Team testing pre-release builds.
Use SummerQA in Debug builds, before your app goes to the App Store, so your QA Team can easily show Developers how to reproduce bugs.

How it works?
A Swift Package!

Install the SummerQA Swift Package.
Then, in Debug builds, take a screenshot (press Volume Up and Power) and an overlay will appear allowing you to upload a video of the last 15 seconds and add an optional title and description.



$20 / month during Beta

7-day free trial.
Upload up to 200 videos a month
(That's a lot of bugs)

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